Business process management

Each organization carries out a range of activities and processes to meet its goals and expectations of all stakeholders.
The larger and more complex an organization is, the more complex its processes are, and thus the more complex the process management. Well-described, organized, controlled and measured processes are easier to manage and create greater added value and achieve better business results.

We strive to help our clients in:

    • Introducing a process approach to their organization
    • identifying business processes and their interrelationships
    • business process modeling
    • Finding vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement
    • Establish a business process management system
    • prepare the organization for the ISO 9001 quality management system

Project management

We call a project a series of temporary activities that are undertaken to create a unique product or service.
Every organization regularly carries out different projects, the only question is whether it calls them that and manages them in order for the project to achieve its final goals within a certain time and quality.

If you want to manage projects in your organization with quality, we can offer you:

    • defining and implementing a project management methodology (adapted to best practice in your organization)
    • Launch and organize a Project / Program Management Office
    • implementation of project / program portfolio management (PPM) methodology and tools
    • Educate your employees on project management

Information systems audit

Surely sometimes you wonder what the quality of an information system is, whether you already use it or plan to use it and whether you developed it yourself or someone else did it. We perform architecture audits and audits of all or individual components of information systems, regardless of the technology in which the system is developed.

Information systems architecture and integration

The implementation of information technology in an organization requires an overview of the entire processes and existing technologies in the organization in order to build a new or adapt the existing information system architecture.

With their many years of experience and expertise in various IT technologies, our experts will:

    • define and build an information system architecture that will address your short-term and long-term business challenges
    • Implement new information system components
    • integrate new or existing components into the information system

Development of information systems

We develop application systems according to your requirements and desired technologies.