Lapis BANKplus

Lapis BANKplus is a bank process support system. The system is technologically based on the DMS platform that provides document management in various formats and flexibility, high availability, reliability and security of processes and data.

The system includes a number of functionalities and modules that provide comprehensive support through client consultation processes, credit application processing processes, creditworthiness and risk assessments, the application approval process and the process of monitoring the collection of loans.

The main module of the BANKplus system is a module to support the credit process

The system integrates modules for credit assessment and scoring (Scoring module) and automation of the process of processing and approving applications.

If necessary, it is possible to integrate additional modules such as Lapis HROK B2B modules for direct inquiries into the Basic Registry System (OSR) in HROK, which credit institutions use to exchange customer data to assess creditworthiness and credit risk management.

By implementing the Lapis credit process support system, the bank can improve the entire process of processing and managing credit offers and credit requests through:

significant acceleration of the whole process

reducing unnecessary duplication of credit in the process of approving and preparing for the archive

ensuring the continuity of the whole process in one system

providing information on changes in the system (history of changes)

By implementing the system, the bank will have efficient and regulatory harmonized application support and ensure the supervision of the credit process according to the principle of who, what and when made it, and thus significantly reduce operational risks.