Lapis GDPR Compliance Manager

With the entry into force of the new EU Regulation on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data and on the Free Movement of Such Data (GDPR Regulation), a new era has begun in relation to the rights of individuals and their personal data. . 12 – 14), the right to access data (Art. 15), the right to rectification (Art. 16), the right to erasure (the “right to forget”) (Art. 17), the right to restrict processing (Art. 18) , the right to transferability (Art. 20) the right to object (Art. 21) decision / profiling) (Art. 22), the right to oppose the adoption of automated individual).

Lapis GDPR Compliance Manager is an application solution intended for all organizations to help plan, implement, maintain and present compliance with GDPR regulations. Lapis GDPR Compilance Manager is an effective guide for conducting non-compliance analysis and impact assessment of personal data processing, which includes already prepared forms and sets of questions according to regulatory requirements.

Lapis GDPR Compliance Manager podržava funkcionalnosti za:

preparation of records of processing activities in accordance with Article 30 of the Regulation (Records of processing activities)

preparation of an assessment of the impact of certain processing activities on the protection of personal data in accordance with Article 35 of Regulation (Data Protection Impact Assessment)

risk management of personal data protection

managing the implementation of risk and non-compliance mitigation measures

creating a register of non-compliance with GDPR regulations at the organization level

continuous monitoring and reporting on compliance with the Regulation under Article 24 (Obligations of the controller)

central management and storage of forms, policies, regulations, procedures, reports and other GDPR documentation