Kredit scoring module

Scoring models enable business decision making and credit risk management based on statistical and other methods derived from historical data about clients and their behavior. In doing so, credit scoring models bring multiple benefits to customers, some of which are objectivity and consistency in decision making, credit approval process management, credit portfolio management improvements, credit risk assessment and management, customer service improvement and cost reduction.

The Lapis credit scoring module provides the ability to automatically assess a client’s creditworthiness based on available data.

The module is highly parameterized and the implementation of the evaluation model and parameter changes in the model is enabled to users through simple administrative functionalities of the system.

The module can be used as a standalone application or it
embed in existing user information systems.

In addition to banks, the credit scoring module is applicable to insurance companies, consumer card issuers, merchants and all companies that want to examine the riskiness of their customers and attract new customers.