Lapis Liquidation

Lapis Liquidation of incoming invoices is a solution intended for all types of organizations, regardless of the activity. The solution enables significant acceleration of the liquidation process of the received invoice and better cost management.

The solution is based on the DMS platform which significantly speeds up and optimizes the processes in processing and approving incoming invoices regardless of the receiving channel (invoices received via one of the e-invoice services, invoices received by e-mail, invoices received via regular mail).

The functionalities of the solution enable support throughout the entire process from receiving invoices to archiving incoming invoices, and the main functionalities enable:

Receiving invoices and invoice attachments from external systems (eInvoices, Inbox invoices, PDF / XML)

Interfaces for manual entry, invoice attachment and supporting documentation

Control and verification of invoice elements and attached documents, classification and forwarding for approval

Automated approval process according to defined company rules

Send notifications to users involved in the process

View and approve accounts via mobile devices

Sending invoices for payment and posting

Process automation

Independent system administration