Lapis Request Manager

Lapis Request Manager (LaR) supports the process of creating, processing, and approving various types of requests that arise internally within a company.
Requests are organized in one place, with a transparent view of status and activities.

Lapis Request Manager ključne funkcionalnosti su:

your organization is presented through a visually appealing organizational chart or alphabetical list, and information about each organizational unit is easily accessible

viewing and searching the employee directory is very simple, and current contact information is available to you;

you are able to create and approve different types of requests, according to the needs of your company;

you adapt the approval process to internal needs and procedures by creating different workflows;

you can attach an appropriate template / form to each type of request;

with each activity or event you can link a message of your choice that will inform the recipient about the task or result of the process;

The dashboard will provide you with a wealth of information at a glance;

optimally complex reports will provide you with more information;

for those who need more information to analyze the requirements in the system is available

export content to Excel spreadsheets

the authorized person will easily manage the basic lists necessary for the proper operation of the system;

The Lapis Request Manager add-in allows you to easily create different types of requests and their associated workflows (approval process) according to your company’s needs. The use of document templates allows you to fully customize the content of the request to the needs of users while using their own visual identity. Reviews and reports (with the possibility of exporting data to Excel) provide a view of the portfolio in order to monitor the amount and type of requests, and their timely resolution.

Lapis Request Manager is an extremely easy-to-use and maintain application and is an effective helper in dealing with the wide range of requirements that arise in your day-to-day business.

Lapis Request Manager lets you work on the go – all features are available on your mobile devices.

Installation and settings

The Lapis Request Manager add-in is easy to install and basic in a few steps. After selecting and installing the LaR add-in on your website, some necessary elements will be installed in the system (e.g. request templates, predefined emails, request types, request icons, etc.) The administrator can easily manage these elements and depending About the needs of the processes in your company change them or add new ones. Within the app, detailed instructions are available to guide you through this simple process, and we’ll be happy to help if needed.


Internet Explorer 11 and higher, the latest versions of Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.