Do you want to improve and optimize your business?

How to get rid of paperwork and have insight into all the steps in your process? How to manage office documents electronically, how to access electronic documents easily and immediately when you need them, and give your clients access via a Web browser? Do you want to improve communication and have satisfied customers, manage your projects and have control over all resources on the project, urgently meet the requirements of the regulator?

By choosing Lapis services and solutions, your expectations will surely be met.

Business process management

The larger and more complex an organization is, the more complex its processes are, and thus the more complex the process management.

Project management

We call a project a series of temporary activities that are undertaken to create a unique product.

Audit of Information Systems

Surely sometimes you wonder what the quality of an information system is.

Development of information systems

We develop application systems according to your requirements and desired technologies.

Co-financed by the European Fund

The final recipient of a financial instrument co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program “Competitiveness and Cohesion”.

Our clients

Services and development of software solutions aimed at achieving the business goals of their organizations.

Lapis solutions

Improve and optimize your business, get rid of a bunch of paperwork and have insight into all the steps in your process. Urgently meet the requirements of the regulator. You manage your office documents electronically. Improve communication and have satisfied customers. By choosing a Lapis solution, your expectations will surely be met.


Lapis BANKplus is a bank process support system, technologically based on a standard Document Management platform.

Kredit Scoring module

Scoring models enable business decision making and credit risk management based on statistical methods performed on customer data.

HROK B2B module

The application module enables communication with HROK and the entire management process from the creation of the client’s consent to receipt.

GDPR Compilance Manager

The application solution is intended for all organizations as an aid in planning, implementation, maintenance and presentation of compliance with GDPR regulations.

Liquidation of incoming accounts

Lapis Liquidation of incoming invoices is a solution intended for all types of organizations, regardless of the activity. The solution enables significant acceleration of the liquidation process.

Request Manager

Request Manager supports the process of creating, processing and approving various types of requests that arise internally within the company. Requests are organized in one place.